New Month New Start.... Day two of March and already is a mixed feeling month...
Today was one of those days where everything that could go right for me did, I had a meeting at work and let the boss convince me to go back and on a slight promotion..
I also found all of last years missing data which included all of my insurances and recipes and product information files I had been stressing over for 2 mths. I got a rave review from the cakes that had arrived at the testers places and one food critic loved them, The website is coming along nicely as is the Fairy Alchemy one.... After a busy strange time it was a lovely refreshing change..

Whilst all the things I've been working towards is slowly coming together it is tinged with sadness. a lot of my friends and family have been affected in the job cuts across the country and some are suffering from it really badly. It's affecting everyone differently with some now spending the day in bed crying to the ones who are goggle eyed staring at job advertisements and applying for every single one. Other friends don't talk about promotion or getting a new job as much, even people with what was once a secure job are worried.
I went through similar a few years back when I lost my job, I had invested all I had family, career and money in relocating to a high flying job so when it happened to me I had no reserves and was living in a strange place... It took a long time to turn around from that and i learned what was important and not and it changed my point of view on a lot of things. I went back to basics and i went back to the things I actually really did like doing after all wearing a suit really got on my nerves..
The only advice I can offer is go back to basics and if you cant have what you want then want what you do have. Material goods can always be replaced but people cant. It's said there is light at the end of the tunnel don't concentrate on the light just know its a tunnel..

Toodle Pip ....x


Daisy Soap Girl said...

You really put things in prospective. It is getting hard to cope with so many friends/family losing their jobs. Like you stated, going back to basics is probably the only way we can weather this storm. I think it will be a bit easier for me because when I was growing up we had only the basics. My Mom was a single parent due to divorce and we were always just scraping by. So if I have to go back to eating beans and rice for dinner it will be a pleasant memory of my Mother trying to hold it together for her family. We just all need to hang in there and pray things will get better.