7 Sins

Quick update.... Company boss called me and apologized for the farce at work while she was away.. They want me to go back but I can take a week to think about it paid .. Oh what a bonus.. I will think about it!
Also hopefully next week I can launch 7 Sins my decedent sinful cakes online site, so I possibly will be not blogging this week we shall see .... toodle pip !


Time to get back to business having fun ..

Warning this is really long!!!What a day today has been, I woke with a smile on my face because I am finally getting things organized and we had made a lot of decisions (the brood and I) after a family meeting last night.. I should of known then it was going to be a strange day..
I quit my job this morning. It was not planned or anything and it was very quick and to tell you the truth bloody fun as well.... I have a huge intolerance of vicious gossip, I love a good gossip and natter but I make a point of not being detrimental or cruel. In the work place we all come across certain clicks or groups just like at school that stick together only at work the things that happen are called 'office politics etc'. I have confidence in my work and I know my manager had full confidence in me (ok she told me) I had the stereotypical bully tactics today which I found really funny as it was just not that intelligent or well thought out (mind you she had a list) and she had to go as she stated 'for back up' half way through a farce of a meeting (she is the cook and I'm the chef umm go figure my dear). This 'meeting' soon disintegrated (I think it might of been the giggle heard from the cleaner outside of the door bless her they had done it to her) with both of these people just losing it there was not one real valid reason to have a meeting with me also they did not have the authority (manager was on holiday). I was not rude impolite or totally negative, I was firm and nonplussed just casually sat on a chair arm drinking my lemonade. Honestly was I supposed to be impressed by bullies I had been pre-warned about when the major issues turned out to be as important as incorrect sandwich cutting and the wrong number of leeks being available. The other things were mute points as I did have the authority to make the changes I did which at that point of being informed the cook nearly went purple. I'm not frivilous with jobs but this job was taken on with the understanding it was to be therapeutic work and it was quite destressing being in my own little world with my Ipod and cooking and generally having fun with the majority of the people working there. I pretty much had free reign when it came to cooking as long as I stayed within the basic ingredients and if I wanted anything else they would order it for me. I loved making what I call smile food some of the people were a lot older so they may as have as much enjoyment out of food as I can give them.. Ok cut a long story short the difference of working at home and there would of been so little as to only be doing the job I loved doing it. So I thought sod it I dont need this crap and said bye..
Oh this was just before 9.20 am so they were in at the deep end with the cooking serves them right ..... So much more happened but I need to go make crepes suzzette for pancake day and cup cakes for friends ... toodle pip


Life and cupcakes..

It's been a while since I blogged a case of so much internet so little time..
A combination of starting a new chef job and a torrent of family issues has meant that the elusive sit down and have an hour to myself is just not enough time to keep up with the deluge of internet things to do.
I've had health issues which were new to me, I spent over 2 yrs getting healthy and fit following spending the major portion of my life as disabled only to find something unrelated has decided to go wrong.. So I tried to sit back and take stock of my lifestyle and changes I could make to deal with this new issue.
Well it didn't work I was just as uptight and stressed as ever and now back on 'lifetime' eek medication.
I did discover some things on my little journey!!
Life is what you make it and sometimes no matter how many good things in your life you do and the things you help with, there are some people that you just can't please and they will go out of their way to make it difficult and be downright evil and harassing.. These are not rejected ex's or disgruntled friends or anything like that but family members and they can be the cruelest of them all.
I can only have so much compassion and sympathy for people who are cruel because sometimes they cant help it if they are grieving or upset but when people go out of their way to deliberately cause harm to another then my time would only be wasted on them as I can never condone that behavior.
I am proud of what I have achieved in my life against all odds, I may not be rich in money but I am rich in friends and love, I may not have a flash car or house anymore but what I have is mine and I have worked for it. I have 2 amazing children (young adults) and a great extended family that love me for who I am not what I am...
So to my friends and my family thank you from the bottom of my heart and bribery cupcakes are in the mail xx
Oh speaking of cupcakes that is one of my new stress reliefs since my workshop was flooded again and I cant work out there and play soap fairy until the foundations are redone, I stopped making soapy goodies inside due to chef'ing and not wanting to cross contaminate.. Oh yeuk soap tasting cupcakes would not be nice and I have a teeny kitchen..
Si the latest update pictures are my valentines cupcakes made especially for my dad's birthday and for my dear friend who just had my new guardian child... love you sweetie xxx

So back to normal life and blogging I hope.... Toodle Pip xx