Sleep Sleep where are you come back all is forgiven!

Sleep is a luxury I have not been partaking enough of this last week, it seems I look at my bed and then it's already time to get up again. Between Cake making and delivering, soap packaging (umm not made a lot for a while must find some time to make more), Working (thankfully only 3 days a week and still with the wicked cook from the south being a class a B**, Family coming and going and a birthday I still managed to get my shop ready for opening within a week!!!

It was a close call the chocolate colored paint just would not dry and my eyes were stinging with painting in such close quaters and my poor daughter I'm sure has lost weight from sweating it was so hot..

I thought I left 60hr weeks behind me when I stopped working in the city (london) boy was i wrong, My poor house looks like a bomb sight with packaging and boxes and I dont think I have done any housework to speak off, but at least I can find my bed for a few hours each night..

I still need to find some chocoltiers to supply my shop as I would prefer crafts people instead of wholesalers, so if anyone knows of any please please let me or them know...

Ok typing is getting a little blurry so I better go I have to be up at 6am for work then 8hrs in the shop ohhh I must be crazy!!!!

Toodle pip! x


Fresh Starts, new name, new life, new outlook and a new shop!!

Really speedy post here because so much has happened and so little time!
after what can only be classed a strange year and a bit.... I thought it was time I sorted out a few loose ends and made some real plans, well my plans went there own way as they tend to but the results are....
Everything was planned to change on my birthday and trying to get some things to fit in were difficult but I managed to pull it all of.. So on my birthday (yeah)...

My divorce was finalised
I legally changed my name
I formed a limited company
I signed for the keys for my new shop
I played golf (argh dont know what i was thinking)
And I am learning to fly!
I've told my work I will be leaving (eventually)

From next week i have promised myself that the quiet time in the shop will be used for all my internet things and since i will be bringing all my little online businesses together then I will be blogging ect.. after all I need a record of what could totally blow up in my face but what the heck i will have had fun trying.....

What a brilliant week.... I hope everyone else is having a positive time and if not I'm sending positive vibes your way...

Toodle pip