Sleep Sleep where are you come back all is forgiven!

Sleep is a luxury I have not been partaking enough of this last week, it seems I look at my bed and then it's already time to get up again. Between Cake making and delivering, soap packaging (umm not made a lot for a while must find some time to make more), Working (thankfully only 3 days a week and still with the wicked cook from the south being a class a B**, Family coming and going and a birthday I still managed to get my shop ready for opening within a week!!!

It was a close call the chocolate colored paint just would not dry and my eyes were stinging with painting in such close quaters and my poor daughter I'm sure has lost weight from sweating it was so hot..

I thought I left 60hr weeks behind me when I stopped working in the city (london) boy was i wrong, My poor house looks like a bomb sight with packaging and boxes and I dont think I have done any housework to speak off, but at least I can find my bed for a few hours each night..

I still need to find some chocoltiers to supply my shop as I would prefer crafts people instead of wholesalers, so if anyone knows of any please please let me or them know...

Ok typing is getting a little blurry so I better go I have to be up at 6am for work then 8hrs in the shop ohhh I must be crazy!!!!

Toodle pip! x


Lomond Soap said...
Met this lady last year, lovely choccies! HTH

Daisy Soap Girl said...

I know those days but you do need to get your rest.