Fluffy Fairy Soaps and Roofing....

What is it when a male sees a woman with a power tool they just have to take over even if they have never used said power tool... ummm something which I thought was limited to boyfriends or husbands has effected my son now.. I planned on taking a few days to redo parts of my kitchen namely the worktops and painting. So armed with my snazzy new jigsaw with laser guidance (so you can see where you have gone wrong) I attempted to remodel my kitchen.. A week later I can finally sit down for a while... It went like this....
1 plug in jigsaw
2 ask a million times for right worktop (no not that one)
3 start to cut
4 jigsaw taken from me (women dont understand these things apparently (took him 20mins to work it out))
5 lose first bit of wall where workbench cut to wide (umm not my measurements)
6 first snapped workbench ( i warned them not to jump on it to make it fit)
7 lost second bit of wall
8 had to redo pipework sons cut out meant sink to far over (i love flex pipes now) no water for 6 hrs now
9 first workbench in place minus several chunks of wall
10 first breakdown of day when studio roof discovered to be partially broken where workbench strangely had somehow hit it when being taken out of the rafters....
Then the mini storm started.............. result.... lost most of roof on studio.... Argh I had a beauty show to do and orders to fill no studio and half a kitchen not to mention the chicken and duck houses to winterise and the million eveyday things to do.. The insurance to fix the roof would take weeks so rather than wait we did it ourselves, we just have a bit to finish now but its safe and drying out..

Awww there's me been desperate to play with my new fragrances and try and finish xmas pressies and I've not made any for 2 weeks now, I think I'm in withdrawal so last night I put the dresses on my Fluffy Fairy Soaps and finished a set of wine glass charms and today until 2pm I'm sitting on my butt felting with not a power tool in sight and definatly not a whiff of male hormones....... When will men learn women seem to work less because we get it right first time.....!! toodle pip...


Swing and Bath Bombing...

Today was bath bomb day, more difficult with all this wet weather it makes my house really humid.
As well as having the floor mop on constant standby with muddy doggy footprints..
But of I went with swing playing really loud on my comp radio and had a really good day.
Making the fizzy bubble bars the other day was the same it can set the fizz off..
So I'm drying batches nearer the radiators.
There's Chocolate Milk Bath Truffles, Snow Bombs, Bleeding Hearts,Surprising Strawberry(shown), Blueberry Blossom and Lavender Spa Balls.
Still totally pants at pictures but I have a solution now a friend is swapping crafts with me as she can take nice pictures and she makes amazingly funny cards I'm working on getting her online I think she would have a great time hehe..
Oh also today I did some more Shower Jelly Hearts and I even put them on etsy, the enchanted one today has little soap blossoms suspended in it, it was made for my niece kitty, hopefully I'll have a picture that can show the blossoms each I took was wobbly and not the jelly.
HeHe must make this a short blog I'm listening to furby and elmo comedy online and it is hilarious but distracting and I need to finish work and get ready to go to kent tommorow..

Hope everyone has a great weekend.... toodle pip


Making Xmas Bacon!

Well I was not going to write this blog today as I really wanted an early night.. But bless her little heart my daughter is making me a bacon sandwich yumm....
So for my friend nigel here is the recipe for the xmas bacon I made last night..
1 glass of wine
Loud Music
Slipping into something more comfortable

oh sorry wrong blog again...

First of all make sure the pork is well refrigerated, whilst in the fridge work on the cure.

Since this is xmas bacon I cure it in a really strong cure, a bit like xmas cake but with pork lol..
So there is heaps of salt as well as
* Cinnamon
* Ginger
* Star Anise
* Black treacle
* Cloves (for studding)
* Brown Sugar
* Orange
* Bay Leaf
* Sea Salt
* Black peppercorns

I grind the dry ingredients up apart from the cloves (these are studded into the pork) and bay then use that as a rub and leave for about 8hrs in the fridge.
The wet mix is warmed and heated for about ten mins before being left to cool. Then it is poured into the curing box and the orange added
easypeesy pop the pork into the curing box place in cold room (shed) and wait 4 days!!!!! Argh the wait.. Guess i'll have to make soap lol..

When the pork has cured for 4 days then I dry it open for a few days in the fridge ( I use my fridge in the garage that I use to do certain soaps and hang from the top).

Then slice and enjoy....

This is a combination of several methods and makes for a rich bacon that is not very salty at all even with the 4 days cure, we cannot say how long it would last or keep as we have not got past a few days before it has been eaten or my family have nabbed some...

Cant wait for it to be ready....... x


Baby Pumpkins and Surprises.....

What a funny few days we have had over here, what was going to be a quiet time turned hectic again... Oh and profitable..
Thursday was packaging day and designing the new labels I've swapped to vellum after a few misses to start with got the hang of how the printing is not like on my normal pearlesant paper, the results were really nice with a old faded look that is a bit dreamy. I think I may use all the colors I have rather than my first decision of sticking with the antique gold. Then my first surprise!
A random text from my bestest friend who has been out of the country for ages, the last time we hugged was in 2004 ah bless.... The text read..... Have you got a bed for me?
If I didnt have a bed for him I would make one... He arrived yesterday to spend 2 days with me before he flies back oh how sweet, we made up for lost time yesterday and oh I think i'm slightly suffering the conciquences <-- is that spelt correctly? The second surprise of thursday was the apple of my right eye informed me i was to attend her work halloween party and take soaps???
Ok a little confused at that point but for popping up for just over an hour I sold quiet a few and also nabbed myself a new outlet for my products with the local beautician and hairdresser wanting me to build them a website as well as use and sell my products.... oh fun... The apple of my right eye already knew this but kept stum! For fun we took pictures of the babies dressed as pumpkins for my pumpkin recipe lol.... It was a really fun halloween party with dungeon etc and lots of fancy dress.. It was at Joe Smiths Hair Design at sheering and a lot of the village turned out.. Oh dear I cant upload the pictures at the mo.. I have made a whole new range of bath bombs as well eek..
I have seen some fab blogs in the past few days especially laughing purple goldfish and her jumper felting I am going charity shop hunting to try it out.
Right now I'm of to cook a massive traditional english brekkie for my bestest pal nigel ...... have a fab day..x