Making Xmas Bacon!

Well I was not going to write this blog today as I really wanted an early night.. But bless her little heart my daughter is making me a bacon sandwich yumm....
So for my friend nigel here is the recipe for the xmas bacon I made last night..
1 glass of wine
Loud Music
Slipping into something more comfortable

oh sorry wrong blog again...

First of all make sure the pork is well refrigerated, whilst in the fridge work on the cure.

Since this is xmas bacon I cure it in a really strong cure, a bit like xmas cake but with pork lol..
So there is heaps of salt as well as
* Cinnamon
* Ginger
* Star Anise
* Black treacle
* Cloves (for studding)
* Brown Sugar
* Orange
* Bay Leaf
* Sea Salt
* Black peppercorns

I grind the dry ingredients up apart from the cloves (these are studded into the pork) and bay then use that as a rub and leave for about 8hrs in the fridge.
The wet mix is warmed and heated for about ten mins before being left to cool. Then it is poured into the curing box and the orange added
easypeesy pop the pork into the curing box place in cold room (shed) and wait 4 days!!!!! Argh the wait.. Guess i'll have to make soap lol..

When the pork has cured for 4 days then I dry it open for a few days in the fridge ( I use my fridge in the garage that I use to do certain soaps and hang from the top).

Then slice and enjoy....

This is a combination of several methods and makes for a rich bacon that is not very salty at all even with the 4 days cure, we cannot say how long it would last or keep as we have not got past a few days before it has been eaten or my family have nabbed some...

Cant wait for it to be ready....... x


Pam Hawk said...

That looks really interesting. I'll have to share this with my hubby, the chef, who loves making all kinds of interesting stuff in the kitchen.

If we don't have a curing box could we use a glass baking dish? Or what would you recommend?

FairyAlchemy said...

I used a plastic storage box from the supermarket with a lid that doubles up for gravalx with the use of those bamboo place mats.. as long as it fits in the fridge and you can cover the top..
I'm thinking about a chili and honey next but I think it would work better smoked and I havent worked that bit out yet..
Have fun home cured bacon is so nice.