Swing and Bath Bombing...

Today was bath bomb day, more difficult with all this wet weather it makes my house really humid.
As well as having the floor mop on constant standby with muddy doggy footprints..
But of I went with swing playing really loud on my comp radio and had a really good day.
Making the fizzy bubble bars the other day was the same it can set the fizz off..
So I'm drying batches nearer the radiators.
There's Chocolate Milk Bath Truffles, Snow Bombs, Bleeding Hearts,Surprising Strawberry(shown), Blueberry Blossom and Lavender Spa Balls.
Still totally pants at pictures but I have a solution now a friend is swapping crafts with me as she can take nice pictures and she makes amazingly funny cards I'm working on getting her online I think she would have a great time hehe..
Oh also today I did some more Shower Jelly Hearts and I even put them on etsy, the enchanted one today has little soap blossoms suspended in it, it was made for my niece kitty, hopefully I'll have a picture that can show the blossoms each I took was wobbly and not the jelly.
HeHe must make this a short blog I'm listening to furby and elmo comedy online and it is hilarious but distracting and I need to finish work and get ready to go to kent tommorow..

Hope everyone has a great weekend.... toodle pip


Alexandra said...

thank you for comment ...your blog is very nice and wird:))

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Nice bath fizzies. Mine will never come out right.

Pam Hawk said...

That's kind of funny. Frustrating, but funny - how humidity will make them fizz up on their own. I guess I never thought about that.

Hey, BTW you've been tagged! Come over to and play - if you want to, of course.