At Last........!

Finally I can log into my blog....
Its been a long while and strangely I feel like I've spent most of the time since my last post in bed!
Not to waffle on too much but all my plans of world domination came to a grinding halt!
It happened so quick with no warning and totally floored me, the transition from being super busy and active to hardly being able to get out of bed has been incredibly difficult and most annoying, but onwards and upwards as they say......


Cakes Sausage rolls and blooming chocolate!

Umm I'm starting to think I may have a karma debt..
The weekend follwing my birthdy we hd a meeting to decide what we are going to do with the new company... lots of things were planned and I have a sales team so it was all steam ahead!!
Well more like a grind to a halt as I got 'Man flu' I felt like death warmed up on toast!
4 days in bed and weeks behind everything I couldnt get to my new shop and since the aircon had been left on by the time I got back there lots of the chocolate had bloomed damn it and a chocolate show to go to! I could'nt go to work because i delt with older people and food, But all was not to bad I have new shop neighbours who are really funny nd the plans they have for their business will help mine a lot I hope.

With being behind I didnt even get chance to do anything for the local craft competion, yet again I was the latest entrant and nervous as anything. All the things I had planned didnt get done and on top of that I had a really special cake and matching cupcakes to make for a birthday today.
So from Friday night I didnt stop baking for hours and then again really early on sat morning, saturday evening and this morning...........

Disaster struck yesterday when after running out of room baking I moved the almost finished cake, covered it and left it while I baked for the show..... Argh the cat sat on top of the things i'd put over the cake and squashed it!!!

The cake was a really special recipe of a Royal Velvet red and purple base soaked in kirsch syrup with kirsch jelly and champagne buttercream, it was to have a purple and pink fondant covering with cut out's and a pearl sort of garnish.. The first problem was the fact it was fondant straight onto the cake as Tess didnt want marzipan and just the icing, so when the cake got squashed the icing embedded into the sponge!!!
Since I had to get to the show I couldnt do anything at the time... To cut a long story short..... Marzipan became my best freind! Sorry Tess!

From This....

To this eek!!!

Won 2 1st prizes, 2 2nd Prizes and 2 3rd prizes at the local show and have a re-designed cake to take with vanilla and white fudge cupcakes.. And a serious need to go to bed...

Toodle pip x


Sleep Sleep where are you come back all is forgiven!

Sleep is a luxury I have not been partaking enough of this last week, it seems I look at my bed and then it's already time to get up again. Between Cake making and delivering, soap packaging (umm not made a lot for a while must find some time to make more), Working (thankfully only 3 days a week and still with the wicked cook from the south being a class a B**, Family coming and going and a birthday I still managed to get my shop ready for opening within a week!!!

It was a close call the chocolate colored paint just would not dry and my eyes were stinging with painting in such close quaters and my poor daughter I'm sure has lost weight from sweating it was so hot..

I thought I left 60hr weeks behind me when I stopped working in the city (london) boy was i wrong, My poor house looks like a bomb sight with packaging and boxes and I dont think I have done any housework to speak off, but at least I can find my bed for a few hours each night..

I still need to find some chocoltiers to supply my shop as I would prefer crafts people instead of wholesalers, so if anyone knows of any please please let me or them know...

Ok typing is getting a little blurry so I better go I have to be up at 6am for work then 8hrs in the shop ohhh I must be crazy!!!!

Toodle pip! x


Fresh Starts, new name, new life, new outlook and a new shop!!

Really speedy post here because so much has happened and so little time!
after what can only be classed a strange year and a bit.... I thought it was time I sorted out a few loose ends and made some real plans, well my plans went there own way as they tend to but the results are....
Everything was planned to change on my birthday and trying to get some things to fit in were difficult but I managed to pull it all of.. So on my birthday (yeah)...

My divorce was finalised
I legally changed my name
I formed a limited company
I signed for the keys for my new shop
I played golf (argh dont know what i was thinking)
And I am learning to fly!
I've told my work I will be leaving (eventually)

From next week i have promised myself that the quiet time in the shop will be used for all my internet things and since i will be bringing all my little online businesses together then I will be blogging ect.. after all I need a record of what could totally blow up in my face but what the heck i will have had fun trying.....

What a brilliant week.... I hope everyone else is having a positive time and if not I'm sending positive vibes your way...

Toodle pip


Happy 21st Birthday

Today is my sons 21st birthday so as a treat I've arranged for him to have microlight flying lessons starting this afternoon...

Then it's of to work again xxxx


Wibbly Wobbly

We have been playing some more with Shower Jelly this week in time for a new market stall we just did yesterday, well I say we I had nothing to do with the market that was my new executive sales person (my boy lol). He looks cute trying a chocolate face mask..

The market had only been planned a week but we didnt plan on my computer to suddenly develop a fear of starting and running correctly!!!

Panic stations........ Loads of products made but no labels .....

3 days to fix the computer with it only being ready on sunday so I had to stay up half the night printing and labelling over 200 items some of them new so the labels had to be done on the fly...

But we made it just in time... It was a good day according to my son and we saw a small profit which was surprising since it was a tiny market and a monday we are looking forward to next week.... The shower jellies were really popular as well..
Sales are going well at The Emerald Grove in Malvern But due to the computer problem my second delivery for the shop has not even been packed and sent.. I really must get a move on with things...
This week my son is 21 so I'm of to plan a mental day for him and his party..... toodle pip xx


Time and Time again...

I cannot quite work out why I never have time, I do my shopping and banking ect online so i'm not popping out so much and spending hours trawling the shopping center, We don't watch TV and my young adults help with the housekeeping, I work about 2 mile away from home and I'm finished by 2pm but I never seem to have free time to blog or catch up with online goings on!!

Anyhow yesterday I decided I needed to make some more shower gel but for the life of me it just would not work correctly I checked double checked then got the OH to check but hours later it was still cooking I gave up after another 4 hours my poor crock pot needed a break. The resulting soap lathers well but wont hold a bubble and is not clear umm!!!! Well i'll leave it sequester and see how it goes but I dont have high hopes for it...

Its been a busy week as it is since I have been covering for the cook at work while she is on her holiday but still managed to fit in a night away in norfolk and a kite festival at the weekend since my ball tickets somehow got lost and I couldnt get anymore...

This week has been a strange one due to it being the anniversary of my sisters death last year that was yesterday which probaly accounts for the terrible cake i made at work and the way the gel turned out, thats why i asked someone else to check the measurements my mind was a little of balance. Funny how things go that way when your pre-occupied.

Today I'm going to make chocolate cupcake soaps just for the hell of it and since my family are all cupcaked out with the mega baking i've been doing! I'm thinking mad colors since I have some new colors to work with I'll post pictures when I get chance.

Hopefully if there is still light I can go in the field behind me and fly my new stunt kite which has already been crashed more times than flown..

Opps time running out again ...

Toodle pip xx


The Honest Scrap Award

Honest Scrap Award

Fantastic I've been awarded The Honest Scrap Award from fellow blogger Daisy Soap Girl
In her words ' I'm not sure what an Honest Scrap Award is but I'm believing that it means you're honest, enjoy your craft and work hard at having others enjoy it as well. As with all good things it is time to pass the award on to others so that they will know that their blog work is appreciated.' Thank you so much daisy I love your blog it certainly makes me smile.

According to the requirements:

1. I must thank the person who gave me the award, list their blog and link.
2. I must list ten (10) honest things about myself & a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog.
3. I must select at least seven (7) other worthy bloggers & list their links
4. I must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.

10 Honest Things About Me

1. I love trying new things out normally I never get very good but I have fun trying.
2. I am a shy extrovert.
3. I cry over certain adverts so I stopped watching TV.
4. I believe in the magic of nature.
5. I am astoundingly bad at housework.
6. I was the bullied little nerd at school who ended up a page 3 model.
7. I always get my words muddled up when talking to people.
8. Green was always my favorite color until I became 'old enough' to wear red which is just after me being to old to wear a white dress.
9. I have so many friends that sometimes its hard keeping in touch.
10. I always try to do to much as I cant stand disappointing people.

And The Award Goes To

1. love the creative stuff!
2. great soaps!
3. love the commutations!
5. Hugs and stuff!
6. Fun cooking!
7. you rock girl!

Congratulations to the above bloggers it was a tough call I wish I could just send awards to all the blogs I read.

Toodle pip xx