Cakes Sausage rolls and blooming chocolate!

Umm I'm starting to think I may have a karma debt..
The weekend follwing my birthdy we hd a meeting to decide what we are going to do with the new company... lots of things were planned and I have a sales team so it was all steam ahead!!
Well more like a grind to a halt as I got 'Man flu' I felt like death warmed up on toast!
4 days in bed and weeks behind everything I couldnt get to my new shop and since the aircon had been left on by the time I got back there lots of the chocolate had bloomed damn it and a chocolate show to go to! I could'nt go to work because i delt with older people and food, But all was not to bad I have new shop neighbours who are really funny nd the plans they have for their business will help mine a lot I hope.

With being behind I didnt even get chance to do anything for the local craft competion, yet again I was the latest entrant and nervous as anything. All the things I had planned didnt get done and on top of that I had a really special cake and matching cupcakes to make for a birthday today.
So from Friday night I didnt stop baking for hours and then again really early on sat morning, saturday evening and this morning...........

Disaster struck yesterday when after running out of room baking I moved the almost finished cake, covered it and left it while I baked for the show..... Argh the cat sat on top of the things i'd put over the cake and squashed it!!!

The cake was a really special recipe of a Royal Velvet red and purple base soaked in kirsch syrup with kirsch jelly and champagne buttercream, it was to have a purple and pink fondant covering with cut out's and a pearl sort of garnish.. The first problem was the fact it was fondant straight onto the cake as Tess didnt want marzipan and just the icing, so when the cake got squashed the icing embedded into the sponge!!!
Since I had to get to the show I couldnt do anything at the time... To cut a long story short..... Marzipan became my best freind! Sorry Tess!

From This....

To this eek!!!

Won 2 1st prizes, 2 2nd Prizes and 2 3rd prizes at the local show and have a re-designed cake to take with vanilla and white fudge cupcakes.. And a serious need to go to bed...

Toodle pip x