Baby Pumpkins and Surprises.....

What a funny few days we have had over here, what was going to be a quiet time turned hectic again... Oh and profitable..
Thursday was packaging day and designing the new labels I've swapped to vellum after a few misses to start with got the hang of how the printing is not like on my normal pearlesant paper, the results were really nice with a old faded look that is a bit dreamy. I think I may use all the colors I have rather than my first decision of sticking with the antique gold. Then my first surprise!
A random text from my bestest friend who has been out of the country for ages, the last time we hugged was in 2004 ah bless.... The text read..... Have you got a bed for me?
If I didnt have a bed for him I would make one... He arrived yesterday to spend 2 days with me before he flies back oh how sweet, we made up for lost time yesterday and oh I think i'm slightly suffering the conciquences <-- is that spelt correctly? The second surprise of thursday was the apple of my right eye informed me i was to attend her work halloween party and take soaps???
Ok a little confused at that point but for popping up for just over an hour I sold quiet a few and also nabbed myself a new outlet for my products with the local beautician and hairdresser wanting me to build them a website as well as use and sell my products.... oh fun... The apple of my right eye already knew this but kept stum! For fun we took pictures of the babies dressed as pumpkins for my pumpkin recipe lol.... It was a really fun halloween party with dungeon etc and lots of fancy dress.. It was at Joe Smiths Hair Design at sheering and a lot of the village turned out.. Oh dear I cant upload the pictures at the mo.. I have made a whole new range of bath bombs as well eek..
I have seen some fab blogs in the past few days especially laughing purple goldfish and her jumper felting I am going charity shop hunting to try it out.
Right now I'm of to cook a massive traditional english brekkie for my bestest pal nigel ...... have a fab day..x


Lomond Soap said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Sometimes the unplanned ones are the best. Well done on your new outlet, I don't envy you building a website though :( Not my forte!

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Some great things happened to you this weekend and the bestest yet was getting business for yourself which means more money to do more fun stuff.