7 Sins

Quick update.... Company boss called me and apologized for the farce at work while she was away.. They want me to go back but I can take a week to think about it paid .. Oh what a bonus.. I will think about it!
Also hopefully next week I can launch 7 Sins my decedent sinful cakes online site, so I possibly will be not blogging this week we shall see .... toodle pip !


Lomond Soap said...

7 Deadly sins eh? Good-oh, can't wait! :) Good on you for quitting, nobody should be bullied anywhere, been through it myself, not nice!
Make the best of your week of and do post your results, if they are anything like your soap they'll be very yummy

FairyAlchemy said...

Thank you corrie I must say it has been a strange 2009 so far I'll reserve judgement as to it either being a good or bad year so far.. Good luck this year to you in your soaps they are fab x