Princess pickled onion from the planet cheese.....

Busy Bust Busy that's all I seem to be but by the end of the week I look back and wonder what I have done!
The last two weeks though I think have had the most impact of this year!
I was at my wits end with everyone moping around and feeling down so I decided to take action!
My darling princess pickled onion from the planet cheese had been really down since losing her apprenticeship last month and the fact she would lose her college place after all her hard work, bless not only that a social butterfly finds it hard to spread her wings with no income! So the queen of planet cheese came up with a plan......
I called in a favor which funny enough cost a favor at the same time darn it my favor maths must be out, I took on a temp second job for a few days which got a recruitment friend out of trouble but meant working almost 18hr days for a few days, the result both my beloved apples of my eye are working temp jobs to get them through till college finishes and that means it lightens my financial load and they pick up references to boot! I hounded the college and my girls ex boss the result she is fast tracking her qualification and fingers crossed qualifies in 13 weeks then she can take her dream job on the Stella cruise line..

I also got to play with new soap this week and the pictures are of my Ayurvedic benzoin, chai and neem soaps. Tonight I have bath melt favors to make and 3 dozen blueberry chardonnay cupcakes to attempt. Mind you thats if I can fit it in with trying to make my website work eek if anyone knows flash pretty please can you give me a few pointers as I have tried everything to link my urls... it at

Gotta dash

Toodle pip xxx