Wicked witch of the mill!! With crabs...

What a week it has been again, I dream of having an uneventful stress free week the way my sister dreams of her next holiday or car. It started rather fine when I got a new smoker which I'd been after for a while since I adore fresh smoked food, I had an idea for smoked crabs so of we trotted to Norfolk for their well known cromer crabs!
After battling arctic winds and freezing cold (ok it wasn't that bad but it sure felt like it)OH forgetting his wellingtons and the silly idea of trying to peddle our pushbikes on sand (it really does not work)we came away with the grand total of 'one' crab eek... so we cheated and popped into a fishmonger on the way back to grab some more.. Smoked crab is defiantly nice but we thought the mackeral we smoked was better especially when I was stuffing grapes with it (ok i ran out of bread lol)..

So a nice start to the week, I received a call from an agency I had chef'd for since a client of theirs had asked to have a meeting with me???? I was puzzled but went along.
I was asked to head a restaurant someone is developing and help give its food a wow factor... Oh after last night there was a wow but not a good one.. I was not due to start till next week but went in to see how the current staff run things... I have never had such a bad experience cooking 'ever'..

None of the prep work was done so i was chasing my own backside all night, the present cook had a real problem with me and spend 2 hours on vegetable prepping but when asked where was the vegetables for service she said she hadn't done them she had done her soup for the next day instead with the vegetables...... this was 15mins before service!! 30mins each starter she took and would put food on and promptly forget it. An order for a table of 9 on an anniversary dinner was found screwed up in the bin, I have a routine with orders and since the order was not on the order rack it was not done .... disaster!!!!!! The owner bless him was yelling at the cook until I stepped in and took total responsibility after all if I am to be head chef there the buck stops with me...

Where the wicked witch of the mill comes into it is one of the waitresses was a pure 'bitch' lots of funny comments about only being my first night and not coming back and being extra smarmy nice to the cook she is who we suspect in the missing order fiasco for what reason we cannot fathom. By the end of the night after scrubbing down and discussing it bless the cook comes out with the fact she did resent me turning up she thought she would lose her job (she nearly did) to me, she was shocked about the order and towards the end she did muck in and thanked me for sticking up for her awww.
Frankly I didn't think I would be going back but the owner wants me to still give it a go the poor guy was devastated. All this happening and still doing my regular chef job, making soaps cupcakes and melts, I worked 18hrs yesterday home at 1am and at my next job at 7am opps I thought it was 7am I didn't realize the clocks had changed..
Sadly my housework has suffered from the constant working but that can wait for another day.. my OH is cooking dinner for me and I am sat surfing the net with a bottle of bubbly and I cant believe he just asked me for gravy granules lol I don't use them...
So i'm of for a rest until later but at least i get a few hours sit down... toodle pip x