Terminal meltdown..... with Octopus soup...

..... computer in terminal overload (err I tried to get a bit to clever) laymans terms it's a bit broke and I've got to pack for an early flight to france in the morning.... eek back in a week....
week in summary..
mon*sent gifts for pink party made cinnamon butter.. (daisy girl I will post recipe and instructions on return thank you millions for award) computer started arguing with me..
tue*flew to germany travelled to spa on train and buses without knowing a word of german (umm only found 2 english speaking people cool)
wed*went to zepplian museum (wow massive floating things) in hogs heaven with all the dirigibles they are bigger than my kites... Paprika octopus
thur*made chocolate orange muffins and goji berry muffins... Octopus soup.. made simmering crystals.. argued with computer..
Fri*Threatend computer with divorce (no effect reported).. made 3 soaps, sandlewood - parika and vanilla, Lavender/Lemon/Vanilla with marshmallow, Caramel Cafe Latte with jamican blue moutain coffee.. computer went in huff!
sat*made unsalted and salted butter.. some freezer food for the tribe while I'm away.. swore and got violent with computer.. beans on toast for dinner
sun*rushed about like maniac as just remembered I'm supposed to be in france in the morning and I thought my flight was at 1pm eek... quickly made edible whipped body mousse with shea butter(promised to my friend), take away dinner hehe... made hugo bubble bars umm not much bubble yet... phew that's the basics... hey heads up for the graduation mr soap with balls lol.... really gotta dash now....x


Daisy Soap Girl said...

This seems like a wonderful and exciting time for you, busy and all. Look at how much you got accomplished when you're forced to rush around. Take care, stop and sip a cup of latte. Notice I said sip and not drink. LOL