Sea soaps...

Well we set of again the weekend just gone to add another bit of the english coast to our travels, we hope to eventually have driven the whole of the british coast that can be driven..

We went beach treasure hunting but there was'nt anything apart from seaweed on the beach we were at ... so promptly pocketing some fine seaweed and depocketing my blooming phone again (totally lost this time so feels like right arm cut of till new sim arrives).. Got home sunday night and decided i wanted to do some sea soap (salt bars) OH's input was no you cant put the seaweed in the soap....err why not?
So whilst he was here I did 3 sea bars... naked, honey and honey and lemon.... hehe will do seaweed as soon as it has dried out....


SoapWithBalls said...

Go for it.
I have put dried ground seaweed in bars. I like the look.