Happy Birthday Little sis..

It's my little sisters birthday today, Happy Birthday honey ....xx
I also found out today I'm an aunt again our little sister had a baby boy.. Congratulations Rach x x x

I was all out of inspiration as to what tribute I should write on my sisters memorial site so I had to borrow a poem some one else had wrote... it summed things up well..

A sister is a forever friend.

A sister is a special kind of friend.

As my sister you're a special part
Of all that's precious to my heart.

A sister knows everything about you and loves you anyway!

Life made us Sisters,
Prozac made us friends.

Life made you my sister,
Love made you my friend.

I'll always did my best with my sister by my side.

So this afternoon when I have finished moving all my stuff into the workshop (err wooden garage), I'm going to sit and do 100 little pink favors for a lady on the craft site who is having a charity pink party in honor of her friend. Umm I think that would be a nice fitting way to sit and listen to some music and make little salt bags and remember my sis, she would of loved the cuteness of them and the pinkness she so adored girlie cute things and she would of helped make them if she could.. Love you baby girl xx


Daisy Soap Girl said...

Hi, I love your posts. I have awarded you with The Friendship Around The World Award. Please visit my blog to receive it and see what its all about.

SoapWithBalls said...

Must be the week for appreciating our families.
Nice post.

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