Double Chocolate oreo cheesecake!! soap

The thing about making my sons fav cheesecake is I cant really eat it, bit of a pain really.. So technically the recipe is followed with a little taste here and there and I mean just a little but it would be nice to have a slice so I know its how it should be.. Well he loved his cheesecake I made him so i thought I'd make one for myself that I can use.. Strange thing about chocolate though I dont eat it but i love using it in body products as its really creamy for your skin..

So at 11pm last night I set out to make my own cheesecake for me...


Daisy Soap Girl said...

This is so unfair!! I am on a diet and you're making me want to eat cake that is actually SOAP. Well maybe it is a good thing that its soap. Now back to dieting.