All in a day nervous breakdown..

Opps finally made it she says skidding to a halt.....

Ok I've promised myself for a while I'd get a blog but what with one thing and another it was just a a pain in the proverbial...

What with family trauma and building a website I'm surprised I've only got 3 Grey hairs, mind you they are my first and long awaited they have been..

Well about me... umm I'm slightly quirky and eccentric and love making soap lots of it... Oh and I can use all the yummy goodies that I love cooking with but cant eat, well you know the saying never trust a skinny chef hehe. I'm a fully qualified and trained chef but will probaly never work with food full time as i cant taste most of the things i create due to allegies funny i have no problem with them in soap though...

After a really traumatic few months I managed to design my website ok maybe backside first but it was good to have somethiong to concentrate on with no pressure apart from myself.

I finally did it today though and put some of my soaps for sale on what a frightening experience my soaps in the same place as some amazing soaps.. I know i have my website and lots and lots of people who have used my soaps but until now it was just me with no comparisan now I'm out in the big wide world and feeling tiny...ohhh


Pam Hawk said...

Well hello - nice to meet you!
I think it's interesting that you're using your chef training with soap. That and your herbalist background must make for some really interesting "flavor" combos in your soap.

Nice website, by the way. Was it easy to set up? I'm still looking for a shopping cart solution other than Etsy and haven't liked anything I've found so far. I can do tech-geeky stuff but most shopping carts were too darned confusing. Do tell...

-Pam Hawk
Pass It On Plates