Oh my gosh I'm featured!!

Oh how cool when I got back on my computer there was an email from emma ( congratulating me on being selected as this weeks featured seller what a really lovely thing to find in my email. I really like misi as it is just so uncluttered and unlike etsy I am informed straight away on each sale by email.

Oh it feels like ages since I got to sit and write my blog first of all I was really busy then I was under the weather for a little while, I guess that was the only time not owning a television was a down point. I had decided to play with my computer and add some new bits and totally customize my case with fairy graphics and new color scheme, argh the best laid plans.... I was laid up for a week with no entertainment from the outside world and not able to sit and do my computer. I had to miss a craft fair that had been paid for also my first aerial silk lesson and didn't get all my product pictures done eek..
But I did get lots of hugs and cups of tea made for me and even had dinner prepared all week by family aww how sweet thank you guys and sorry for being so grouchy.....xx


Daisy Soap Girl said...

Aaaw glad to hear you're better.

FairyAlchemy said...

Thank you.. did you wear purple hugs for the holidays...x

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Also meant to say I'm glad you were featured. Just plain forgot to mention that. Congrats.

Purple is definitely my color and is floating in an aura all around my body. LOL

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Okay girl, start to blogging again. Happy New Year!!

MaygreenFairies said...

Great blog, really enjoyed reading your posts and stunning blog design. I shall return. Mandy x

Helen @ Home said...

Great Blog.
I've awarded your blog an award of excellence. :-)